Resale Exemption Certificates (Coming Soon!)

Save an Average of 7% by Legally Purchasing Inventory Tax-free.

Boost Profitability and Cash Flow for Your E-commerce Store with Resale Certificate Documents.

With sales tax audits on the rise, many suppliers are waking up to the fact that they need to collect proper resale certificates from their customers (you) in order to mitigate their sales tax risk.

This puts e-commerce businesses in a tight spot where you need to provide valid exemption certificates, or waste money by paying sales tax on your purchases.

The good news is that, when correctly used, resale certificates may allow you to legally purchase many things tax-free including:

  • Inventory for resale
  • Raw materials incorporated into the finished product
  • Packaging materials used to ship products to end-customers

Pass the Paperwork’s resale certificate service was designed to provide you with all the necessary documents your supplier needs so they’ll stop charging you sales tax. 


We charge $50/state for our resale certificate preparation service. A 1% discount is provided for each state added. For example, if you get 20 resale certificates, you’ll get a 20% discount.

Please note: that you will likely be able to cut down on costs dramatically by using an out-of-state resale certificate. To maximize your cost savings, consider scheduling a sales tax consultation (which includes a $275 credit for the resale certificate service).

What’s Included



  • You’ll receive a downloadable folder with each exemption certificate. 
  • You’ll receive instructions for what customization (if any) is needed on each resale certificate for purchase orders. 
  • You’ll receive a general information letter you can provide your suppliers regarding where the resale exemption certificates are valid. 
  • You’ll receive e-mail support for 90-days regarding the proper use of the resale exemption certificates. 

How to Get Started

Step 1: Schedule a sales tax consultation for $275 (which includes a $275 credit for this service).


Step 2: Finalize your registration action plan with your consultant. 

Step 3: Let us take care of the rest.

Frequently Asked Questions

My supplier says I need to provide resale certificates in many states. Do I need to register for a sales tax permit in each of these states?

No. Many states accept valid out-of-state resale certificates. This is why we want anyone getting resale certificates to schedule a sales tax consultation. We do not want you to accidentally register for sales tax permits in states you don’t need them. This will create a paperwork nightmare for you. During your consultation, we’ll help identify the fewest amount of states you need to register in to purchase inventory tax-free while also meeting your suppliers’ requirements. 

Does my supplier have to accept my resale certificates?

Not necessarily. There’s no way to force a supplier to accept your resale certificate. Some suppliers are not knowledgeable on resale exemption certificates, or their systems are not set-up in a way to prevent them from charging sales tax in certain states. This is why we provide a general information letter to your suppliers explaining which states your paperwork should be accepted.

Do I need a sales tax permit in each state so I can provide a valid resale certificate?

No. Many states allow you to use an out-of-state resale certificate in their state. You should schedule a consultation with us so that you do not register in states unnecessarily. It can be a major pain to close a permit once one is opened. 

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