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We Eliminate the Uncertainty of Sales Tax for Your Start-Up

If you’re scaling a start-up, it’s important that you get the right advice early in your business so you don’t have to deal with the uncertainty, fear, and stress of a costly sales tax audit looming over you.

Let’s face it… sales tax is complicated and can be quite miserable to deal with yourself if you don’t have the knowledge and expertise of an expert guiding you. And a single misstep and cost a small fortune. According to the Wakefield Research Group, the average sales tax audit costs businesses $114,147. Crazy, right?

We offer start-ups top-tier sales tax advice so that you can “do-it-yourself” without “accidentally-killing-yourself” or it costing a fortune. 

Questions Frequently Addressed During Consultations Include…

  • How can I get sales tax set up and managed on my own affordably?
  • Where do I owe sales tax and are the products I sell even taxable?
  • What’s the best way to set up tax calculations on my website?
  • How can I purchase inventory tax-free with resale certificates?

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The Ideal Client for This Service Include…

Emerging E-Commerce Companies
including direct-to-consumer sellers, marketplace sellers, print-on-demand sellers, and dropshippers making less than $1m/year in annual sales.

Technology Start-Ups selling software-as-a-service, downloadable softwares, digital products, NFTs, or similar products making less than $1m/year in annual sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not a start-up, can I still use this service?

No. Our process and services are entirely focused on emerging businesses making less than $1 million/year in sales. If you’re making more than this please check out our parent company, TaxValet.  

What happens if I don't use the full hour?

If we don’t use the full time together during our initial call, you can schedule a follow-up call within thirty days to use the remaining balance of time.

Will I have all of my questions answered during the call?

Most start-ups will gain a high level of clarity after only one call and may not have any follow-up questions. We know sales tax like the back of our hands and will answer questions you have as quickly as possible. Depending on the breadth and depth of questions, additional calls may be required. Some questions, though, may require separate research projects. This is especially true for things like product taxability research (which we refer out to a state and local tax attorney).

Can you handle my sales tax filings and payments for me?

No. Our goal is to get start-ups to a point where they can manage their sales tax in-house and provide them with the advice they need to do it correctly themselves. Once you’re doing over $1M/year in revenue, you should check out our parent company, TaxValet which offers an all-inclusive sales tax service.

About Your Sales Tax Consultant

Alex Oxford, CMI is a sales tax consultant who has met with over six hundred e-commerce and software businesses to help them eliminate the hassle, stress, and risk of sales tax. Over the past five years, he’s overseen the preparation of tens of thousands of sales tax returns and is considered an expert in his field.

Alex is the founder of TaxValet, a 100% done-for-you sales tax service with about 200 active clients. He launched Pass the Paperwork to provide affordable services to emerging businesses that need help getting started figuring out sales tax at an affordable rate.

Alex is a Certified Member of the Institute of the Institute of Professionals in Taxation (CMI). This designation is widely known as a mark of achievement and distinction within the sales and use tax field. Certified Members are held to the highest level of ethics, and have advanced knowledge of sales and use tax and its application in practically every industry.

Alex Oxford, CMI
Sales Tax Consultant

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